Founded with a vision to question
and change alcohol norms

Moa’s story

Founded in 2013 by Moa Gürbüzer, Oddbird stands as a testament to her dedication and vision. Moa, with over twenty years of experience as a family therapist and social worker, predominantly addressed alcohol-related familial concerns. The pervasive and recurring nature of these issues deeply impacted her, highlighting the profound negative influence of alcohol on society.

Recognizing the urgent need for a transformative shift, Moa launched Oddbird. Her mission? To challenge and reshape society’s prevailing alcohol norms by introducing premium beverages free of alcohol.

Moa envisioned a world where asking, “Would you like your wine with or without alcohol?” would be as routine as inquiring, “Would you prefer your coffee with or without milk?”

Today, Oddbird reigns as Scandinavia’s premier producer of wines, beers, and spirits—all liberated from alcohol.

We produce quality wines, made with traditional methods
and matured for up to 12 months, and then gently liberated
from alcohol in order to preserve the flavors nature intended.