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Nowhere is the perfect place. It is a place without prestige. It does not care who you are. It does not discriminate. It is neither inclusive or exclusive. It has no arrogance, no vanity and no bravado. It does not love anyone. It does not hate anyone. Nowhere is never a destination.

Nowhere is your backyard that you never find the time to landscape. It is the woods you drive past by on your way to work. Nowhere is a park, a bench or a hill.

Nowhere is a place that feels the utmost indifference against everything and everyone. It has no opinion. It has no agenda. It feels nothing.

Nowhere is something we desperately need right now. That is why we have taken nowhere and made it into somewhere.

In august 2020 we opened a restaurant in Häringe nature reserve. The restaurant had 6 unique tables in different settings in almost complete isolation. The food was served by the chefs behind Garba and the interior designed by The Norrmans.
”Nowhere is our tribute to what we found when society was forced to a halt – when we nolonger could escape to destinations on the other side of the planet. Instead of the weekend abroad we rediscovered nature – the forest nearby or the forgotten corner in the back of the yard. And in those simple places that we used to call nowhere, without even searching we found ourselves.”



Marion Ringborg and
Linn Söderström

Marion and Linn runs restaurant Garba in Stockholm since 2017. Garbas food is based on the best vegetables, the ones in season right now. Together with aromatic herbs, simple cooking techniques and straight forward flavors.

”When you cook in the forest it’s even more obvious that the simple is the most exciting. This menu is based on the best of forest, land and waters – smoked fish that reminds of the fishing trips of the summer, smooth dressing flavored with chamomile and fresh vegetables from Frida at Skilleby garden – just a few miles from Nowhere. We serva e flower tea with Spanish ’körvel’ and rose petals, to whet the appetite between salt and sweet. The dessert is with sun ripe Swedish plums and the luxurious ”weed” ’myskmadra’, and a butter caramel with birch sap and cep from the forest”


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The Glade

The Swing

The Raft

The Field

The Headland

The Grove

The Norrmans

The Norrmans is a small boutique B&B way out on the danish countryside, far away from the noice of the city.
”Here we live close to nature, grow as much as we can of what we serve our guests, and decorate mainly with things other people have left behind. We also work with different projects for others and were so happy when we got to be a part of Oddbird’s restaurant Nowhere. To travel around junk yards and shop from antique dealers to collect unique treasures, is something we love. We want to share the things that other people no longer want, and put it together in new contexts to bring it back to life”


The Norrmans
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