Another World’s First

We want to make it as easy as possible to opt out of alcohol for every conceivable occasion. That’s why we just released the world’s first organic sparkling wine liberated from alcohol - on a can.

A recyclable slim can has in average 3 times less CO2 footprint per liter in comparison to a traditional glass bottle. This is an important step for us towards not only creating products that are socially sustainable but also environmentally sustainable.

Oddbird Organic Blanc de Blancs is made from 100% Chardonnay from the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon. With notes of green apple, honey, lime and herbs, the wine’s taste is fresh and fruity. As always, our wine has been stored for up to 12 months and then gently liberated from alcohol. Now available in Sweden, for purchase at every Systembolaget as well as

Functional sculptures by Paula Atelier.

Is there a norm within cooling wine? We believe so, and it’s time for it to be challenged.

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration - a collection of functional sculptures with artist Paula Martinsson of Paula Atelier. Hand crafted with organic design in stoneware clay, they challenge the norm of traditional wine coolers, using nature’s own cooling function.

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Nowhere 2020

In august 2020 we opened a restaurant in Häringe nature reserve. The restaurant had 6 unique tables in different settings in almost complete isolation.

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The Unwasted Cocktail.

Together with IMA cocktailbar and bartender Jens Dahlberg we created a cocktail made with kitchen scraps from a food pairing by Frida Ronge, award-winning chef and culinary director at TAK and UNN.

5 cl Cucumber core water
3 cl Fennel syrup
2 cl Yuzu juice
Top up with Oddbird Spumante
Finish with smoked scallop roe zest alternatively sprinkled umami salt.

Collaboration with award-winning chef and author Frida Ronge.

Frida Ronge is currently the culinary director at TAK and UNN focusing on innovative fusion between the Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine. She is also an ambassador for sustainable fishing at MSC.

Scallop paired with Oddbird Blanc de Blancs. This wine is very crispy and pairs exceptionally well with fish and seafood. – Frida

Zucchini noodles paired with Oddbird Spumante. This wine has such power that it enables me to work with hot and spicy, perfect with wasabi and to drink as an aperitif. – Frida.

Seared trout paired with Oddbird Rosé. This sparkling rosé is a full bodied wine therefore it matches great with a creamy sauce – Frida.

”Oddbird’s wines are the closest I have tasted to sparkling wines with alcohol. It was easier than I thought to pair their wines to food because I recognize all the flavors.”


culinary director at TAK and UNN

Gin, made by Sweden.

We are about to launch a gin, made with distilled juniper & unique berries and botanicals from Norrland and Lappland. The project is in collaboration with Research Institutes of Sweden to boost the agricultural economy of Northern Sweden. 18 November we gathered beverage experts from all over Sweden to improve and refine the taste. The gin will be launched in 2020.

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