Moa Gürbüzer: Driving societal change with alcohol-free wines

Moa Gürbüzer is a Swedish entrepreneur who saw the detrimental effects of alcohol on society first-hand. Her experience inspired Oddbird, an alcohol-free alternative shaking up drinking culture worldwide.
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2097 is here. All the way from the Arctic Circle.

We are happy to introduce our arctic botanical spirit – liberated from alcohol. Crafted in northern Sweden using local berries and botanicals from the barren and harsh wilderness of Norrbotten.

The area has a special flora due to the subarctic climate with long, cold winters and short bright summers. 2097 represents Kebnekaise’s highest peak, 2097 meters above sea level. From this mountain origins a unique spring water that nourishes the lands of the county of Norrbotten. Together with the midnight sun this enables a fantastic biodiversity that is reflected in this gin.

– We have developed a new type of maceration process to create a unique sensory experience that captures both the character and the taste of our northernmost climate, says Mihaela Mihnea, sensory scientist at Oddbird.

Moa Gürbüzer will eliminate the term alcoholism by 2097

In a world where alcohol-related deaths occur every tenth second, Moa Gürbüzer, CEO of Oddbird, is on a mission to eliminate the term alcoholism by 2097. Through her work, Gürbüzer aims to challenge the alcohol industry’s lack of accountability and provide high-quality alcohol-free wines that defy societal norms. She emphasizes the need to create a supportive environment for those who choose not to drink and advocates for a shift in cultural perspectives on alcohol. With Oddbird’s growing success, Gürbüzer envisions a future where individuals can confidently make their own choices without feeling excluded or stigmatized.


Unwasted is a bag collection made of the next generation vegan leather that is created entirely with grape waste from Oddbird’s vineyards. The project is overarching the industries of wine and fashion and a collaboration with designer Meng Du and Planet of the Grapes. In order for people around the world to take part in the project we offered a showcase of the collection in Metaverse Decentraland. Unwasted is now available for purchase as a Decentraland collectible.

The bag of grape waste

In collaboration with designer Meng Du and Planet of the Grapes. Unwasted is a bag collection made of natural grape leather, that is created entirely with grape waste from our vineyards.

In order to future proof winemaking we have been analyzing how to optimize and improve the lifecycle and production of our wines. Grape marc is a by-product of wine and today remaining grape skins are sometimes wasted and not used in a valuable way. Meanwhile, the fashion industry is turning animal skin into leather. Tanneries and dying facilities require large amounts of energy and emit chemical waste from dyes and toxic surface treatments.

This collaboration overarches two industries to make two cons into a pro; making use of the product from wine production to create the next generation vegan leather. The designer Meng Du, from Parsons School of Design, New York – used discarded junk lying around in the streets as an inspiration for the squashed shapes.

Dry January takeover of Zetter Townhouses

Start off the year in a mindful manner at the Oddbird takeover of Zetter Townhouse in London for Dry January.

For the month of January, Oddbird will be taking over the Zetter Townhouse in Marylebone and Clerkenwell with a full wine and cocktail menu liberated from alcohol. Afternoon Tea at Zetter Townhouses will also be paired with Oddbird non-alcoholic sparkling and low intervention wine.

”Oddbird is the best non-alcoholic wine I’ve ever tasted. It follows my philosophy of minimum intervention wine making in the winery with organic practices in the vineyard. The wines are made by top winemakers like Contrà Soarda and it’s liberated from alcohol by Oddbird. Oddbird is unique in its approach and full of character just like The Zetter Townhouses which are quirky and fun London destinations serving drinks of the highest quality. I’m looking forward to the two coming together in the New Year for the takeover and collaboration.”

– Bert Blaize, Sommelier

What your table wants

A limited series of wine coolers by Paula Atelier. And their function serves to more than cooling wine – they are also a piece of art for a liberated table.

A while ago we challenged the norm of cooling and serving wine, with a collection of original coolers in stoneware clay by artist Paula Martinsson. 

Clay is nature’s very own fridge. It has tiny pores in the surface which in turn enables liquids to slowly evaporate. This results in the temperature dropping and the content to stay cold even in warm surroundings. Clay pot coolers, also known as evaporative cooling refrigerators, date back to 3000BC to the Indus Valley Civilization. This genius tech of nature enables wine coolers of clay to cool wine to the perfect temperature.

So now you can serve your beverages the way they deserve.

Another World’s First

We want to make it as easy as possible to opt out of alcohol for every conceivable occasion. That’s why we just released the world’s first organic sparkling wine liberated from alcohol – on a can.

A recyclable slim can has in average 3 times less CO2 footprint per liter in comparison to a traditional glass bottle. This is an important step for us towards not only creating products that are socially sustainable but also environmentally sustainable.

Oddbird Organic Blanc de Blancs is made from 100% Chardonnay from the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon. With notes of green apple, honey, lime and herbs, the wine’s taste is fresh and fruity. As always, our wine has been stored for up to 12 months and then gently liberated from alcohol. Now available in Sweden, for purchase at every Systembolaget as well as

Functional sculptures by Paula Atelier.

Is there a norm within cooling wine? We believe so, and it’s time for it to be challenged.

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration – a collection of functional sculptures with artist Paula Martinsson of Paula Atelier. Hand crafted with organic design in stoneware clay, they challenge the norm of traditional wine coolers, using nature’s own cooling function.

The Unwasted Cocktail.

Together with IMA cocktailbar and bartender Jens Dahlberg we created a cocktail made with kitchen scraps from a food pairing by Frida Ronge, award-winning chef and culinary director at TAK and UNN.

5 cl Cucumber core water
3 cl Fennel syrup
2 cl Yuzu juice
Top up with Oddbird Spumante
Finish with smoked scallop roe zest alternatively sprinkled umami salt.

Want to see more of the unwasted cocktail Jens Dahlberg show you how it’s done.

Collaboration with award-winning chef and author frida ronge

Frida Ronge is currently the culinary director at TAK and UNN focusing on innovative fusion between the Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine. She is also an ambassador for sustainable fishing at MSC.

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration – a collection of functional sculptures with artist Paula Martinsson of Paula Atelier. Hand crafted with organic design in stoneware clay, they challenge the norm of traditional wine coolers, using nature’s own cooling function.

Scallop paired with Oddbird Blanc de Blancs. This wine is very crispy and pairs exceptionally well with fish and seafood.

Zucchini noodles paired with Oddbird Spumante. This wine has such power that it enables me to work with hot and spicy, perfect with wasabi and to drink as an aperitif.

Seared trout paired with Oddbird Rosé. This sparkling rosé is a full bodied wine therefore it matches great with a creamy sauce.

We produce quality wines, made with traditional methods
and matured for up to 12 months, and then gently liberated
from alcohol in order to preserve the flavors nature intended.